CMD's Message

Harish Sighania

in all that we do

The Empress Group is synonymous with endearing excellence, inspiring integrity, resilient relationships and above all, quintessential quality.

A veritably seasoned entity - the Empress Group possesses a decade-rich experience in the development of showpiece real estate properties across the residential and commercial under the brand 'Ekta'.

A unique combination of strengthened focus, independent vision, resource mobilisation and organization-building is the fundamental mantra backing the Empress Group.

Empress is the right idea at the right time, for a number of significant reasons.

India's GDP is growing phenomenally; in excess of 8 percent, disposable incomes are rising, consumer aspirations are rapidly evolving and the real estate industry is growing at a stellar pace - twice the GDP, spiralling the need for better lifestyles. The result is an unprecedented appetite across all real estate segments and regions.

The Indian real estate is experiencing an unparalleled demand which is a composite phenomenon of several macro and micro level forces. At one end, factors such as sustained high GDP growth, upsurge in industrial activity, consumerism, favourable demographics, and urbanization are creating a big demand pull in the industry. At the other end, factors such as favourable policies, regulatory changes, positive investment climate and unlocking of land parcels are stimulating a major supply push.

According to a study conducted by realty services firm Cushman & Wakefield, India will need about 240 million sq. ft. of commercial property and about 4.25 million units of residential real estate to meet the demand in four years between 2010 and 2014. This rich legacy has been inherited by Empress, creating the prospect of swift, secure and sustainable growth. Empress is positioned to capitalize on this fundamental transition and accelerate corporate value for various reasons: it has seamlessly implemented the Ekta Group's scale, robustness, intellectual capital, alliances, technology, regulatory insight, industry experience and visibility.

The inevitable impact: Empress already enjoys a successful presence, prominent industry respect and balanced income mix (short-term development income and long-term lease).

The Empress Group is taking this industry presence ahead through an aggressive business agenda: 6 projects (2 IT parks, and 4 residential complexes) in Kolkata and more than 2 million sq. ft. in the pipeline. Already armed with a track record of delivering more than 1.6 million sq. ft. in collaborations or joint ventures, Empress Group is distinct for its unique strategic thinking, long-term project planning and the global exposure that it brings to the city.

At Empress, we recognize that a mere wishlist will not make this a reality. We have recruited experienced professionals; set challenging targets, and created a seamless organisational structure of independence. We have also proactively invested in human capital with the adequate skills and resources to identify, acquire, develop and execute real estate opportunities across diverse geographies. Our centralised business, corporate and operational functions help uniform implementation and swift decision-making.

For Empress, taking action on India’s environmental crisis is no longer an option - it is a necessity. We wholeheartedly believe in sustainable real estate – to make a marked difference in the country’s effort to improve its environment and conserve resources.

Empress is all set to employ design techniques, materials and technologies that minimize a building's impact on the environment in their design, construction and operational systems, while efficiently servicing and supporting activities within. Social responsibility also emerges as a prerequisite for us. We believe in positively impacting communities in which we operate as well as develop them further for holistic progress.

So let us make it clear: Empress will not merely be another industry player; we are positioned to emerge as an industry benchmark that will enhance value for stakeholders, customers, communities and the country through a deep respect for the earth, elements and above all, excellence.

Harish Singhania