Vision, Mission & Core Values


    To serve as a solution-focussed partner, providing exceptional customer experiences through a quality of life that is ever-cherished and a superior complement of facilities that enhance living.


    To impact the lives of others by raising their standard of living, working and recreation and consistently strive to achieve complete stability, capability, creativity, integrity and excellence – in sync with unswerving commitment to the needs and comfort of our customers.


    Always maintain the highest level of service and support it with the most advanced and sophisticated delivery systems.


At Empress, it is our core values that compose our soul. This firm belief constitutes the mainstay of the organisation’s underlying principle of stakeholder relations, forming the crux of our existence.

  • Integrity and Respect

    Treat each of our customers, associates, vendors, investors and employees with integrity and respect.

  • Customer Focus

    Strive towards understanding and anticipating what our customers want, and, more importantly, delivering what they truly value.

  • Excellence and Accountability

    Take personal ownership for ensuring excellence in all aspects of our responsibilities.

  • Teamwork

    Incessantly invest in team-building and work in complete synchronization with colleagues to unleash superior teamwork and its positive impact throughout our company.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility

    Play an active role in enhancing the quality of life for all-embracing benefits and development of all those associated with the Empress Group.

  • Learning

    Develop a spirit of inquiry and strive for ongoing growth and development.