The Empress Group, an established entity in the real estate industry continues to secure trust by addressing excellence across properties it develops, business it transacts and the quality of lives it touches.

We have been operating in the real estate industry of Kolkata for over 20 years and have since then successfully completed several projects. Our portfolio spans across residential, commercial and IT complexes, including development of over 1.6 million sq. ft. spanning several projects in Kolkata. The personalized and detail oriented attention given to each of our projects showcases our commitment to provide the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

The Group was founded by Harish Kumar Singhania in 1989 with the objective of developing buildings of superior quality while address the evolving needs of the consumer mindscape in Kolkata.

Even though we have grown manifold over the last two decades, it continues to be run with the same level of excellence by our team of dedicated professionals. With our proven track record and healthy growth rate we continue to be recognized as a trusted developer and partner of choice for all our investors.

The Empress Group has commendably unleashed a differentiated strategy to come up with a superlative lifestyle environment, showcasing a magnificent mingling of aspirational residences with a chic commercial experience. Empress may be of Indian conviction, but its mindset is international. The fundamentals are reflected in top-notch projects- encompassing residential and commercial - of enhanced quality and repute.

At Empress, excellence embodies an integral attitude. It is not merely about catering to needs, but fulfilling sky-high aspirations. Not the basic fundamentals, but beyond that to sheer brilliance. Not being satisfied with achievements, but continuing with the relentless pursuit in the quest for perfection.